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AUR CD 5021

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Collage for Winds
Indiana State University Faculty Winds and ISU Faculty Wind Quintet. John Boyd, conductor.  

Music of Mendelssohn, Scarlatti, Powers, Francaix, Poulenc and Orff
1. Overture for Winds
Two Sonatas for Winds
2. Pastorale in D minor
3. Capriccio in E major
4. Impulse for Wind Quintet
Dances Exotiques
5. I. Pambiche
6. II. Baiao
7. III. Nubegris
8. IV. Merengue
9. V. Mambo
10. VI. Sambo lento
11. VII. Malambeando
12. VIII. Rock 'n' Roll
Suite Francaise after Claude Gervaise
13. I. Bransle de Bourgogne
14. II. Pavane
15. III. Petite marche miliataire
16. IV. Complainte
17. V. Bransle de Champagne
18. VI. Sicilienne
19. VII. Carillon
Carmen Burana
20. I. Fortune plango vulnera
21. II. In trutina
22. III. Tanz
23. IV. Amor volat undique
24. V. In traberna
24. Gigue II


AUR CD3097

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Athletic Conveyances Jeffrey Jarvis, tuba and Mark Ford.
Music for tuba and percussion by William Penn, Mark Alan Taggart, John Wyre, and features Walter Hartley's sensational Concerto for Tuba and Percussion Orchestra, performed by the East Carolina University Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Mark Ford.

1. Capriccio for Tuba and Marimba by Wm. Penn
2. Athletic Conveyances by M. Taggart
3. Maruba by J. Wyre
Concerto for Tuba and Percussion Orchestra by W. Hartley 
4. Adagio-Allegro
5. Molto Vivace
6. Largo
7. Allegro Molto



AUR CD 3059
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Pianistic Portraits Roman Rudnytsky, Piano
The Dana School of Music of Youngstown State University.

1. Variations, Op. 38
2. Sonata No. 1
I. Largo-Allegro Molto Vivace
II. Larghetto
III. Presto
3. Night Thoughts II
4. Prelude, Op. 32, No. 10
5. Prelude, Op. 32, No. 5
6. Deux Legendes, S. 175
St. Francois d'Assisee
St. Francois de Paule

AUR CD 3058
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The Expressive Horn William Slocum, horn Randall Fusco, piano
The Dana School of Music, Youngstown State University
1. Sonata, Op. 17 (Beethoven)
I. Allegro Moderato
II. Poco Adagio
III. Rondo
2. Sonata (Hindemith)
I. Massive bewegt
II. Ruhig bewegt
III. Leghaft
3. Villanelle (Dukas)


AUR CD 3013
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Low Blows! John Turk, tuba
John Turk has appeared across the country as a recital artist and clinician. He made his New York debut in 1975 with a solo recital in Carnegie Hall. Recognized as one of the nation's leading proponents of new music for the tuba, he has commissioned a large number of new works for the instrument.

Sonata for Bass Tuba and Piano (Paul Hindemith)
1. Allegro pesante
2. Allegro assai
3. Variationen: Moderato, commodo
Three Essays for Solo Tuba (William Penn)
4. Prelude
5. Interlude
6. Postlude
7. Forowen 3 for Piccolo and Tuba (Glenn Smith
Four Shorts for Tuba and Piano (Edward Largent)
8. Rhythms
9. Spots
10. Turns
11. Burlesque
12. Two Together for Soprano and Tuba (Bruno Amato)
13. The Raven and the First Men




AUR CD 3102
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Spring and Fall by Alexandra Pierce

From 7 settings for Unaccompanied Voice of Poems by William Blake
1. The Sick Rose
2. A Poison Tree
Keener's Way
3. Diamond Step
4. Chasm View
5. Lamb's Slide
from Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce
6. Chamber Music, XXV
7. Ecce Puer
8. Flood
9. Fool's Gold
10. Spring and Fall: To a young child
11. Fantasia
12. Cantilena
13. Scherzo
14. Chorale
15. Chorale with Descant
Six Sentient Waltzes
16. with gusto, refined
17. inward
18. sprightly
19. fervor restrained
20. capricious, yet shy
21. fractious and yearning


AUR CD 3103
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Chamber Works of Allan Blank, Allan Blank

String Quartet (1989)
1. Meditative
2. Half Note = c. 60
3. Pocco Rubato; Expressivo
4. Half Note = c. 56
Sonata For Piano (1987-1992)
5. Lively
6. Interlude
7. Half Note = c. 54
8. Postlude
9. Introduction & Three Episodes (1990)
10. Elegy (1992)
Dualisms (1994)
11. Introduction: I Poco Rubato; Halft Note = c. 92
12. I
13. Introduction: II Quassi Recitativo; Fantasia
14. II




AUR CD 3090
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En Garde!
Musical excerpts from William Penn's various original scores for the Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival.

The Winter's Tale (1987) directed by Thomas P. Collins
1. Overture
2. Scene change: Sprightly music to lovers
3. Music to Awake the Statue
4. End cue
5. Country Dance
6. Scene change into Greek Camp
7. Greek Revels
8. Love theme for Troilus and Cressida (Vocal)
9. Alternate scene change into Greek Camp
10. Helen and Paris
11. Achilles' Tent
King Lear (1983) directed by Thomas P. Collins
12. Suite from King Lear: Mad Music for Edgar
13. Lear's Death and Ascension
The Merry Wives of Windsor (1993) directed by David Hirvela
14. Overture (Farandole)
15. Music for the Garter Inn (Falstaff and Bardolph)
16. Plotting music
17. Intermission I
18. Top of Act II
19. Oh, sweet Anne Page
20. Mistress Page!
21. Chase music
Measure for Measure (1980) directed by Thomas P. Collins
22. Overture (2:32)
The Two Gentleman of Verona (1997) directed by Thomas S. Goltry
23. Who Is Sylvia? (Instrumental version)
Othello (1990) directed by Michael Duncan
24. Overture
25. Drums & brass to the tune of "The Willow Song"
26. Curtain Call
Cymbeline (1995) directed by Thomas P. Collins
27. Overture
28. Dirge
29. Cloten theme, part 1
30. Love Theme (oboe)
31. Cloten theme, part 2
32. Top of Act II (orchestrated version)
As You Like It (1991) directed by Thomas P. Collins
33. Main Theme (1:55)
34. Blow, blow thou Winter Wind (Instrumental version)
35. Blow, blow thou Winter Wind (Vocal version)
36. Gentle Romantic
Hamlet (1991) directed by Michael Duncan
37. Ophelia's Mad Music (based on the "St. Valentine's Day" song, IV v)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1993) directed by Thomas Loughlin
38. Overture
39. On the Ground (Instrumental version)
40. On the Ground (voice over)
41. Rock the Ground (Dance)
42. Charm Music Underscore
43. If We Shadows Have Offended (underscore for end of play)



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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, and Chamber Pieces
Music by Charles Argersinger, Washington State University.

1. Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
2. Quintet for Trumpet and String Quartet
3. Psyche
Brass Quintet
4. Largo, Allegro
5. Dolente
6. Prestissimo - Hocket
7. ...between Scylla and Charybdis
8. Cloud Chamber (for electronic tape)
Miniatures for Brass Quartet
9. Agitato
10. Adante
11. Adagio
12. Risoluto
13. Divertissement sur l'homme arme'


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Glenn Stallcop, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

According to legend, a Dreamcatcher has the power to catch and hold good dreams while keeping bad dreams at bay. In the Southwestern United States, Native Americans often have hung them by the bed of a child to discourage nightmares and assure them a sound and peaceful sleep.

Track Listing
1. Dry Lake Vision
2. Unannounced Visitor
3. Canyon Spirits
4. Sun Sleeps, Wind Sleeps