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Arizona University Recordings is pleased to present Professor Joe Lulloff as one of our featured artists. Professor Lulloff currently has two releases with AUR and is featured on Volume VII of America's Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax. Additionally, Professor Lulloff can be found on Volume V and Volume VI of our tribute series.

On Volume V, Joe performs "Three Blues for Saxophone Quartet" by Charles Ruggiero with the Great Lakes Saxophone Quartet. On Volume VI, Joe performs "Strayhorn" for alto saxophone and piano. Joe Lulloff plays the alto saxophone and is accompanied by Jun Okada on the piano.

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Aimée Allen

Aimée Allen’s intimate connection with music began as a child. Her childhood was quite literally scored with classic jazz, because of her mother’s intense love of the music. The influence of the jazz tradition can be heard in Aimée’s musical style and interpretation choices. But Aimée’s listeners can also hear her individual voice, nuanced and sparkling with soul and sensuality. Singing came early for Aimée. But she first began to sing professionally as a college student. At Yale University Aimée was an active member and soloist with two a cappella singing groups performing a jazz repertoire. After graduation, Aimée lived in Paris and performed regularly in clubs and at music festivals. There, her understanding of the place of jazz in the world deepened and her interpretive style began to flourish.

The intense relationship between the francophone audience in Paris and Brazilian bossa nova, long one of Aimée’s musical loves, led Aimée to form a group dedicated to bossa and jazz: Les Bossa Novices. Aimée performed frequently in and outside of Paris with Les Bossa Novices.

As part of New York’s jazz community for the past few years, Aimée has continued to navigate traditional and modern jazz, infusing her craft with a personal and intimate style. In addition to selections from the great American songbook, Aimée sings some not-sostandards, pays homage to Brazilian bossa, and frequently includes a French lyric. Her touch is always sincere and her sound authentic. Her singular voice and soul has garnered the love of many of the city’s best young musicians.

On her 2006 release, Dream, Aimée offers inspired interpretations of jazz standards, classic bossa nova and one original composition. These include imaginative renditions of My Favorite Things, Cry Me A River, Daydream, and Nature Boy, and versions of familiar Brazilian bossas, sung in their native Portuguese. Aimée also sings the French lyric to Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) with the rarely sung verse. The album concludes with a playful blues penned by Aimée herself.

Aimée's brand new CD, l’Inexplicable, is the fruit her transcontinental experiences in music and her talents as a writer. The album is a collection of warm, soulful, jazz-pop originals blending African rhythms, Brazilian bossa, and classic American jazz. With one exception, all the selections on l’Inexplicable were written by Aimée, and each is sung in sexy, sonorous French. l’Inexplicable was released in Japan in the beginning of 2008, obtaining very good reviews from critics, and worm reception from the listeners. The album is also scheduled for commercial release in Europe later this year.

Aimée is also scheduled to perform at the 50th Jazz Jamboree – International Jazz Festival 2008 in Warsaw, Poland. Jazz Jamboree is one of the oldest and most prestigious jazz festivals in Europe. Almost all the greatest jazz artists performed at the festival in past fifty years. Last year legendary artists like Take 6, The Manhattan Transfer, and Jack De Johnette, who began his musical career playing with the incomparable Miles Davis, took the stage. This year it’s time for Aimée. You won’t forget that name – Aimée Allen!.


Jonny Blu
With a cool and sophisticated vocal style, Jonny Blu leads the way as a new generation of smooth pop artists, writing, composing and producing his own songs. Jonny’s music, combining a smooth pop sound with hints of swing and jazz, will please any generation of listeners.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonny was dually influenced by music and the eastern world.  And coming from a very creative family (his father created the classic game The Game of Life, his creative ability for music came naturally.

Jonny is used to being unique. From a young age Jonny was both writing music and practicing martial arts. Throughout his life he has practiced different forms of martial arts, including Kenpo, Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu. He also showed a gift for language at a young age, which led him to study at the prestigious Peking University in Beijing during his college years through the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

After studying and traveling in China for two years, Jonny returned to the States where he would again go against the grain. As the only non-Chinese artist, he entered a Chinese singing competition in Los Angeles on a whim.

This decision eventually led him back to China where his talent and fluency in Mandarin quickly saw him rise in the music world in China and ultimately became the first ever non-Chinese pop star. It also led to a cameo role in Disney’s blockbuster film Princess Diaries 2, singing (in Mandarin) Miracles Happen, which Jonny also received a RIAA Certified Gold record for his song on the Soundtrack.

While his path in the music industry is rare, it suits Jonny perfectly. Following his success in China he is currently living in Los Angeles and focusing on returning to his musical roots. His most recent release, In Just That Kind of a Mood, is Jonny’s first independently released pop/swing album. The album contains six original songs as well as songs by artists ranging from LL Cool J to the classic Cole Porter, with Jonny’s own contemporary spin.

Jonny’s three chart-topping original Mandarin songs, On the Edge,The Apology and Crossroads are all in line with the type of song he finds the most pleasure in writing—love ballads. Now on In Just That Kind of a Mood he is charming U.S. audiences with his slick new sounds. Songs like the title track In That Kind of a Mood, Smilin’ Eyes and Ooh-Wee are examples of Jonny Blu’s natural gift for songwriting and love for music.

 On a personal note, it’s always been Jonny’s dream to go and visit the roots of his ancestry in Poland.  Ever since his Great Grandmother used to tell him stories of her childhood in Bialystock and her visits to the beautiful countrysides, it was Jonny’s goal to one day go to the places she spoke of. What an amazing twist of fate that his first visit to this land would be to sing! Amazing!

 Jonny Blu’s album In Just That Kind of a Mood…
will be released in Poland on the 23rd of June 2008.

For more information or to be mesmerized by Jonny’s melodic voice, log onto www.jonnyblumusic.comFor Jonny Blu- China go to